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At the time of first visit of the patient, to the Institute, for consultation, the patient’s details are filled in a registration form at the Main Reception / Registration Counter. The Patient will receive a registration card with his/her CR. No. (Central Registration Number), which is unique for each patient.

We create your medical records with this Central Registration Number, update and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. This number enables speedy retrieval of your medical records and data, each time you pay a visit to your doctor for consultation or need to be admitted for treatment.


Admissions may be in two ways : OPD & Casualty
If the Doctor decides to admit the patient, then the patient will be issued an Admission Slip-I (Manual request slip for admission), with the details about the treatment required and an expected duration of stay of the patient. The Patient / Attendant, then, proceeds to the admission counter and give a requirement of admission in the desired category. Admission Staff will allot the room / bed according to the desired category, if available. In case of non availability of the room in the desired category, the Staff will put your name in waiting list and will inform you on the availability. On a repeat admission, you can request for a room in a desired category on telephone, 0181-2233666, in advance for a particular day. The admission staff will contact you telephonically on availability of the room.


The admission counter has a schedule of charges for different categories of rooms. Depending on the type of room desired by the patient, the required amount has to be deposited before getting admitted. An average estimate of your hospitalization cost will be given by your treating Doctor.The Treating Doctor will give you an approximate estimate of the expenses,that you might incur during your stay at the hospital. However, the clinical condition of the patient shall determine the actual treatment requirements. Such necessities, whenever they arise, may lead to variation in the treatment estimate. To keep yourself updated on the expenses you have incurred till any point of time, you can request a provisional bill from the Ward Secretary / Billing Department. In case of any clarification, regarding expenditure or estimate for further treatment, you may request your Treating Doctor for the same.

Your Well Being

The hospital is committed to maintain an atmosphere of absolute tranquility and cleanliness for your speedy & healthy recovery. Our efforts need to be supplemented by you & your visitors. Therefore, it is important, for you & your visitors to observe the following rules strictly in the interest of your patient:

  • Smoking and consumption of tobacco and alcohol, carrying food and other articles from outside are strictly prohibited
  • Family members of the patients are advised to take food in the visitor’s cafeteria only
  • Please keep minimum luggage in the ward / room to prevent cross infection
  • People with cold, sore throat or any contagious disease should not be encouraged to visit patients, to prevent infection
  • Please co-operate with the management, to save water and electricity
  • As far as possible, avoid bringing valuables to the hospital
  • Fresh flowers are not permitted inside the hospital, as they are potential source of infection
  • Kindly maintain a peaceful environment with minimum noise
  • Patient / Attendant has to take care of their own belongings


Your patient needs rest. Hence please try to restrict your visitors to a minimum. Only one visitor pass is issued per patient at the time of admission. The visitor is permitted to visit the patient between 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M, in all the areas except ICU and Post-Operative Ward. However, children below 12 years of age, are not permitted in the inpatient areas.


The consultant incharge of the patient will decide when it is advisable for the patient to leave the hospital. A discharge summary or discharge advice will be explained and handed over to the patient / attendants, for follow up treatment at home. Copies of all the investigations are made available to patient from time to time during your hospitalization.
Prior to discharge, your Doctor will advise you regarding the plan of action, diet, medication precautions (if any) etc. to be followed, and subsequent follow – up visit to the hospital. Please follow the instructions carefully. After the discharge, you may contact, your Doctor by calling telephonically on 0181-2233666 for clarifications, if any.
It is important that you arrange to leave by discharge time, so that we can prepare the bed and the room for new admission. It takes about 3 hours for the discharge formalities to be completed after doctor advises discharge. If you are unable to leave by 12 noon, bed charges for half a day are added for the stay till 6:00pm, beyond which full day charges are billed to the patient.

Follow-up Visits

You are required to come for follow up visits in the Outpatient Department, as advised at the time of discharge. It is advisable, to take prior appointment, for follow up consultation visit. This will enable your consultant to assess your progress.

Your Bill

Your bill will be a comprehensive one, with all charges included, and no payments should be outside of what is specified in your bill. All details of bed charges, investigations, doctor’s visit fees, surgeon’s fee and other charges are shown in the bill. In case of clarifications, please approach the Billing Officer in the Billing Department. All outstanding bills must be cleared promptly. At regular intervals, you will receive information on the charges accrued to your account from the Billing Department, to help you clear your dues in time and facilitate your discharge. Your admission / security deposit will be adjusted against your final bill at the time of discharge. The hospital is empanelled with reputed companies, for the credit / cash treatment of patients referred from these companies.

Patient Rights

  • A patient has the right to respectful care given by competent personnel.
  • A patient has the right, upon request, to be given the name of his attending physician, the names of all other physicians directly participating in his care, and the names and functions of other health care persons having direct contact with the patient.
  • A patient has the right to every consideration of his privacy concerning his own medical care program. Case discussion, consultation, examination, and treatment are considered confidential and shall be conducted discreetly.
  • A patient has the right to know what hospital rules and regulations apply to his conduct as a patient.
  • The patient has the right to expect emergency procedures to be implemented without unnecessary delay.
  • The patient has the right to full information in layman’s terms, concerning his diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, including information about alternative treatments and possible complications.
  • Patient have the right to give consent(written) before any non-emergency procedure or treatment begins.
  • A patient has the right to medical and nursing services without discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, National origin or source of payment.
  • The patient has a right to full information and counseling on the availability of known financial resources for his health care.
  • Refusal of Treatment: Patients have the right to agree to, or refuse to, treatment/take part in medical research studies. Patient may at any time withdraw from a study and it will not affect their usual medical care.
  • Patient have a right to request for a second opinion and change their doctor.
  • Patients have the right to be informed about the pain and pain relief measures and to actively participate in their pain management plan.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Give your health care providers as much information as you can about your present health, past illness, any allergies and any other relevant details.
  • Follow the prescribed and agreed treatment plan, and conscientiously comply with the instructions given.
  • Show consideration for the rights of other patients and health care providers, by following the hospital rules concerning patient conduct.
  • Keep any appointment that you make. Or notify the hospital or clinic as early as possible if you are unable to do so.
  • Do not ask health care providers to provide incorrect information, receipts or certificates.